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Discover Our Technology
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LoĒ³-366® Raises the Bar for Glass Performance

For decades, Cardinal has set the standard for energy efficient glass. Our LoĒ³-366 coated glass lifts the performance threshold to a new level.

LoĒ³-366 provides exceptional fading protection. It blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, protecting your furniture, carpets, curtains and wall coverings for years to come.

Maximum Heat Control for Winter

LoĒ-i89™ is our energy-saving 4th surface coated glass. It offers excellent visible light transmittance and low reflectance. Yet it delivers a center-of-glass U-factor of just 0.20 when coupled with our LoĒ³ Rather than absorbing internal heat, LoĒ-i89 reflects it back into the room, making your living space feel warmer and more comfortable.

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Wherever heat and glare are a problem, Cardinal’s LoĒ³-340® glass is an ideal solution. With unparalleled solar performance and optimum glare protection, LoĒ³-340 keep the sun in its place.

Its SHGC of 0.18 slashes the sun’s thermal energy. And wherever glare is a problem, LoĒ³-340 keeps it in check.

LoĒ³-340 delivers the lowest UV blocking of any LoĒ glass we offer. This greatly reduces fading on furniture, carpet, drapes, and everything inside the home.

Industry’s Lowest Failure Rate

XL Edge IG comes with the lowest failure rate in the industry: an incredible 0.2% over twenty years.

XL Edge is a leading-edge stainless steel spacer with airtight bent corners and a dual-seal construction of compressed polyisobutylene (PIB) and silicone. Desiccants eliminate any potential for moisture. Argon fill improves window U-factor. Since XL Edge is a warm-edge IG, the possibility of indoor condensation is greatly reduced.

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Preserve is the clear solution to window protection. This patented film defends your glass. Factory-applied to both the outer and inner surfaces in overlapping layers, it ensures that the entire glass surface is protected all the way through installation of windows.



100% Virgin

VEKA uses only virgin vinyl compound to manufacture their high quality window and door systems. Virgin Vinyl refers to a compound material that does not have a melt history.

Maximum performance for a lifetime .

With profile systems from VEKA, you can rely on the best quality: VEKA systems are manufactured in Terrell Tx. in the highest possible profile quality They ensure long-term functional reliability and decades of living comfort.

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Balance System

Caldwell Manufacturing has been recognized as the premier supplier of window counter balances more than130 years. The Constant Force Spring—also called coil spring balances--is the fastest growing balance platform in the window industry. Its compact, modular design provides significant manufacturing advantages